Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Weatherbeeta Freebies . . .

For those of you who may have frequented our website just recently, you may have noticed a few more changes. My last blog (published back in August - slap my wrists) mentioned the fact that we are changing into an equestrian site, and this has been done, but it is still a work in progress.

Our home page introduces you to a site dedicated to your horse - including some rather attractive flashing banners designed by yours truly) - and advertising our range of horse rugs, including turnout rugs, stable rugs, etc. But for the non-equestrian customers out there, do not fear. Our Outlet tag at the top will take you directly to the other items we are still selling; nutritional supplements, household goods, exercise and sports equipment, and camping goods and tents, etc. It's all still there.

AND, I'd just like to direct your attention quickly to the new logo - also designed by yours truly.

For a limited time, all our Weatherbeeta horse rugs and equestrian clothing come with a free item. These are ranging from hoof picks, to socks, and vary depending on what item you are looking at purchasing.

So, for all our equestrian customers out there, get in quick before the offer ends . . .

D. Ilott
Gridstop Ltd

Thursday, 12 August 2010

It's Horseware Blogs At 20 Paces . . .

If anyone has picked up recently that the last few blogs to have been posted are all about our equestrian products, then well spotted. We are branching out when it comes to our horse ware. We now have some fantastic ranges under our Weatherbeeta collection. These brands include Dublin clothing, Collegiate leatherware, Kincade leatherware, Roma yard accessories, Saxon boots and clothing, and Harry Hall and Caldene clothing, not to mention the horse rugs themselves.

And these are just from our Weatherbeeta range.

We still have our Horseware Ireland stock, and not forgetting out very own quality brand, Chillton. If you shop with us, your horse will have so much of a choice it will be like a fashion parade.

Anyway, for those of you who are unaware, we also have an equestrian blog that our dearest Lisa keeps. I found myself with a spare five minutes today when I noticed she had recently updated it (recently being last week). I couldn't help but chuckle, relating it to a few of my non-work horsey friends, and thought that it was worthy of sharing.

You know you're a horse person when...........

...your horse gets new shoes more often than you do.
…your mouth waters at the sight of a truck full of hay.
...every time you drive past a road construction sight you think what nice jumps the barricades would make. consider a golf course as a waste of good pasture land.
...your friends no longer ask to get together after school/work or on a weekend because they know you'll say, "I can't, I have to ride." pull a £17,000 horse trailer with a £1,000 pick-up truck. buy duct tape by the case, and carry rolls in your pocketbook, briefcase, backpack, and car.
...your boyfriend complains that you love your horse more than you love him and you say: "And your point is..?"
...someone does something nice for you and you pat them on the neck and say 'good boy'. try to get by someone is a restricted space and instead of saying "excuse me" to him/her, you cluck at them instead. show up for an appointment in your city clothes and when you get there people reach across the table to pick shavings out of your hair. one wants to ride in your car because they'll get feed and hay in their socks and on their clothes...but that's ok because you'll have to rearrange all the tack to make room for them anyway! look at all the piles of laundry sitting next to your washing machine and most of them are breeches, horse blankets, saddle pads, etc.... but you don't even care about the horsey hair residue that will be left in your washer and dryer. say "whoa" to the dog.
...your mother, who has no grandchildren, gets cards addressed to Grandma, signed by the horses and dogs. see the vet more than your child's pediatrician. groom your horse daily for hours and you haven't seen a beautician since...?
...someone asks for a screwdriver and you hand them a hoof pick. clean tack after every ride but you never, ever, wash the car.
...on rainy days, you organize the tack room, not the house. can remember worming schedules, lessons, and farrier visits in your head, but often forget your class schedule, household chores, and
meals. are unreasonably pleased to get a horse item, ANY horse item, as a gift.
...books and movies are ruined for you if horsemanship references aren't correct. actually get to a point where flies don't bother you that much anymore.
Gridstop Ltd

Monday, 12 July 2010

Weatherbeeta Moments . . .

For those of you who are unaware, we are now stocking Weatherbeeta, a brand of equestrian ware that excels in quality, practicality and attractiveness. Weatherbeeta do everything, from turnout rugs and stable rugs, to travel rugs and tack, and even clothing. The Weatherbeeta list is endless, and each product is as impressive as the next.

However, when we received some new stock, the Weatherbeeta brand was treated no differently to any of our other products. It still needed to be photographed. And seeing as it is horse ware, we called, once again, upon our own equine model - Will.

Now, you may remember the last time Will was commissioned a modelling job; he got over-excited, went overboard and decided to show everybody his hovering skills. This time he was completely different, and he wasn't having any of it.

And this was the response we got from him:

Let's take a close up of those facial expressions:

Says a lot about the sort of mood he was in that day, and the amount of cooperation he was going to show us. And that wasn't the end of it. He knew precisely what he was doing, how he was toying and playing games with us (The captured wink says it all), and how he decided to disagree with us over his best side.

But after a while he stomped his hoof, declared that enough was enough, and neighed "No pictures! No comment!" That was when we decided we couldn't possibly continue, and went home.

Will did, however, allow us one nice image to show off just how exquisite his new Weatherbeeta Kool Coat Airstream Combo was. Bless him . . .

D. Ilott
Gridstop Ltd

Monday, 14 June 2010

Lightweight Turnout Rug Moments . . .

Our dearest Equestrian leader wrote her recent blog on our new equestrian range, with all things equestrian, saddlery and rugs (to quote). As with all new products we get in, we have to spend a day doing photo shoots so we can then put them up on our website. This is were Lisa's Will galloped in to help. What a star he is.

Lisa also posted some of Will's fantastic photos on her blog, but neglected many. And I don't blame her. Some of these photos give evidence to the fact that her horse is no ordinary horse. The famous quote from `Banana man` springs into mind: "When Eric eats a banana . . ." - only this time it's: "When Will puts on his rug . . ."

They knew the day wasn't going to go strictly to plan when Will decided to show his new strengths by standing, then slowly and gently removing each leg in turn until he was balancing himself on one leg. Such strength.

He then decided to show his fantastic hovering skills by hovering himself all around his field. He was dead chuffed with himself, until . . .

. . . towards the end things started to go wrong for him. Gone was his graceful hovering as he tripped (on what exactly is still unknown).

Then afterwards, as if to add insult to his injured pride, he was then caught trying to hover again in a different rug, but all he could manage was using his tail as a propeller to propel himself along.

These are the photos that they didn't want you to know about. But don't let these pictures fool you! Don't be duped into thinking that if your horse dons a new lightweight turnout rug they'll end up hovering all around your field. Will is a special horse . . . and this only happens "When Will eats a Banana . . ."

D. Ilott
Gridstop Ltd

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Football Goal Posts - In Light Of The Forthcoming World Cup . . .

In light of the forthcoming Football World Cup 2010, here we have the highlights of the Cybercheckout tryouts (Reds)

The Cybercheckouts started off in good spirits next to their football goal posts. Things were looking positive . . .

. . . Until the Blues saved their first goal.

Luckily the Reds were on form, and got their own back by saving the Blues goal . . .

Then it seemed as if the Reds' attention was starting to waver.

It reached a point where the Reds failed to realise that the ball had even gone past . . . This was catastrophic for them . . .

. . . and soon the winning goal was scored by the Blues!!!!

. . . The Winning Blues got to stand next to the Winning Post with pride!

. . . Whilst the Reds had to pack their bags (and their football goal posts) and go home!

The Cybercheckouts won't be making an appearance at this years World Cup 2010. But there's always next year . . .

D. Ilott
Gridstop Ltd

Monday, 10 May 2010

Cybercheckout and the Curse of the Chocolate Cake . . .

We had a minute's silence today. All work stopped; we sat at our computers; our eyes flicked over the work on the monitors in front of us, but no work was done. Nothing.


Sarah brought in Chocolate Fudge Cake. A slice had to be devoured.

A valuable minute was lost by all. We now sit here and think back to what we could have achieved if only we had worked through that one minute. Our new website could have been closer to it's finish; Lisa could have completed her fiddly equestrian work; Keiron could have finished that banner; Drew could have started another email; I could have written another article . . .

Bah! Who am I kidding. IT WAS CHOCOLATE CAKE!

Chocolate fuels the brain. Without it, we can't possible churn out the quality work that we do, and our customer service would suffer dramatically because of it. Chocolate deficiency is a serious matter that needs to be considered in this modern world. People just don't realise this. They think it's a fallacy. But it's twoo, I tell ya! TWOO!!!

Now you can understand why I've decided to title this blog `the Curse of the Chocolate Cake . . .` Am I talking rubbish? Maybe. Does the chocolate induce `running mouth syndrome?` Yes, quite possibly. But it was good, and thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you, Sarah.

If you fancy making your own chocolate cake, to discover the the glorious benefits that it can bring, then check out our fantastic kitchenware range that can help you along the way. (Had to slip in an advert somewhere along the line).

In the mean time, I'm off to have more cake . . . ;D

D. Ilott
Gridstop Ltd

Thursday, 6 May 2010

New Website . . .

Hello fellow readers. It's been a while, I know. We've been so busy just recently, and our poor blog has suffered as a consequence. Bless it's little cotton socks.

Anyway, down to business.

For all those who have visited our website just recently, you may have noticed one or two changes. In fact, there are more than just one or two changes . . . it's a whole new website. Yes, we are evolving.

I ask all visitors to please bear with us during these changes. The website is new, and there are still a few adjustments to be made. It's also a system that we, ourselves, are trying to get used to. Hopefully these won't take long, and soon we'll have a fantastic and perfectly working website that should please everyone. That's the aim, anyway.

I'd like to say that apart from that, nothing much has happened since the last blog, but that would be a lie. We have new products, new jewellery boxes to charm your socks off, picnic hampers to help you picnic in style, TV brackets to mount your TV on the wall, and more. We also have our original products, our Redstone Outdoor camping tents, our Equestrian range and much much more. We are still the same, good ol'faithful Cybercheckout. And that includes the staff.

Our Sarah is still a proud mum, our Marie is still playing with her over-playful puppy (did I mention she has a new husky pup called Mya?), Rob is still having elastic bands flicked at him - by your's truly - and both Father and Drew are livid over the Man City game last night, in which they lost (although Drew claims that he's not that bothered . . . do we believe him? Hmmm . . .)

D. Ilott
Gridstop Ltd

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Camping Rucksack – Want To Get The Most Out Of Yours?

A camping rucksack needs to be so much more than just a normal rucksack. With everything you need stowed inside, a camping rucksack should be designed to make your life easier.

Whether it is the strapping system for comfort and support as you travel, or the amount of room inside and extra compartments, everything has been designed so that you can get the most out of your rucksack.

Camping rucksacks come in different sizes and are usually measured by the amount of litres it can store. To get the most out of your rucksack, you need to ensure that it can contain all the gear that you need to take with you efficiently. If you’re carrying a tent, can you fit this inside, or attach it to the outside of your rucksack?

A good camping rucksack should consider that there may be items you need to take but want to keep separate from what you are carrying inside. Therefore, it should provide loops and attachments so that you can attach things to the outside of your rucksack. A pair of muddy boots is always best kept hanging separately on the back of your rucksack, as well as items such as your tent, sleeping gear if need be, and other bits that you can’t fit inside.

Another feature that can make your life easier is access from the bottom. It would be irritating if you jam-pack your rucksack, squeezing everything in, and then you realise you need something that is stuck right at the bottom. It means you would have to unpack everything, take it all out until you retrieve it, and then pack everything back up again. Some rucksacks offer access into your rucksack from the bottom as well as the top. This allows you easy access to anything that is wedged in at the bottom without having to unpack.

Extra compartments on the sides are also handy for those little fiddly bits that you prefer to keep separate, or things that can get lost within the main compartment of the rucksack. It also allows you easy access to items that you need, such as money, passport, etc. It saves digging through your belongings trying to find them.

By choosing a camping rucksack that offers you different, beneficial features, allows you to get the most out of your rucksack, and therefore making your life so much easier as you travel, camp and hike.

D. Ilott
Gridstop Ltd

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Backpacking Tents . . . The Season Is Almost Upon Us . . .

The date is March 10th. This can only mean one thing - well actually it means lot's of things, but I'm only thinking of one. Spring. Spring is finally in the air. The days are getting longer, the temperature is rising, the trees are shooting and daffodils are showing their heads. It's paving the way for summer. This also means camping season is once again almost upon us.

"Horay!!" I hear you all scream.

Today, I'm going to blog about backpacking. I'm also going to mention the Ten Tor race that takes place in Dartmoor during early May. I only know about this because I have family who live down that way. I've never hiked across Dartmoor, but I've driven through it - or been driven to be more accurate. It's a lovely place if you like hills, wild ponies, and buzzards that circle over you waiting for an easy meal.

Every year the British Army organise a hike ranging from 35 miles to 55 miles. People from all over the world turn up to take part and visit the ten specified tors. Some people use it as a race to try and finish as quick as they can, while other people use it as a test of endurance and survival, or even just because they love doing it.

Either way, if you want to take part in something like this, you need to ensure you have the correct equipment. If you get lost on Dartmoor without proper equipment, it's not fun. The Ten Tor race has been held almost every year since 1960. Some years have had to be cancelled due to bad weather, which just goes to show what you could be up against if you go hiking. It also strengthens the argument that your equipment needs to be of a good quality that can withstand something like this.

It's at this point that I re-introduce you to our camping range. How many of you had forgotten about this range over the winter months? I certainly hadn't.

As the camping season approaches, and whether you decide to take part in the Ten Tor race, or the Four Inns Walk in the peak district - or any of the numerous hikes organised across the UK, ensure you won't be let down by shoddy camping equipment . . . and good luck.
Look out for those circling buzzards . . .

D. Ilott
Gridstop Lt

Monday, 8 March 2010

Cybercheckout - A Day In The Life Of . . .

Sarah's all on her own in customer services this week. Our dear old Marsha is on holiday, but despite the fact that this renders our customer services team short staffed, Sarah is more than capable of handling things on her own. Monday's are usually our busiest day of the week, with questions that have built up over the weekend, but was Sarah fazed? Not on your nelly!

She worked through today with flying colours, holding her head up high with a constant smile beaming on her face. This just goes to show what a valued and competent member of staff she is. But then the same can be said for everyone here. We all have our little areas of valued expertise. When put together they add to the moving cogs in the system we have going here and keeps things moving as smoothly and as nicely as they are now. If one cog is disrupted it creates havoc for another cog.

And talking of expertise, I'm so chuffed I have to share this. Ezine Articles, a website in which we submit articles, sent me a gift today in celebration of my level promotion. I now hold a platinum level, despite the fact that you only need to submit ten articles to attain this achievement. However, it still brought a smile to my face when I discovered a brand new mouse mat, a writing pad, a swish-swoo pen and . . . AND . . . a sticker that tells everybody I'm an EXPERT AUTHOR!

Expert author! Now I can go around and tell everyone. It's official! I am a genius! . . . But don't panic. I'll wake up soon enough.

D. Ilott
Gridstop Ltd

Friday, 5 March 2010

Cybercheckout Blogs Past And Present . . .

I confess, I've neglected my blogging duties. For this I apologise profusely. I've let you all down.

There are two main reasons why I can see this has happened. Firstly, I've been too busy. I get given a list of things that need to be done - or written - and I find myself plowing through that list without even a thought for this blog (I'm sorry, I hold my head in shame). And because it's been going on for sometime I've just found myself stuck in a routine that doesn't include blogging. I know, it's a terrible thing to let happen to yourself. I used to blog religiously, three times every week. Now I'm lucky if I do one or two a month. It just isn't on, is it!!

The second reason is because, frankly, I have little to blog about. My mind can only churn out so much stuff. It's only human. So why, if I can't think of anything, did I choose to blog today? Well, I've written over a hundred and thirty blogs now, and some of them I thought were pretty good. It's a shame that they are now lying somewhere in the great wide web, their one day of fame come and gone. I've decided to give them a second chance. I've decided to recap over a few of my favourite blogs from the past:

1: The Greek Legend of Hotstones . . .

How could we forget the great (or not so great) Iydalnis Basalt, the serpant Medusa, and the legendary discovery of Hotstones? (Of which we no longer stock unfortunately) . . .

2: Multi-Purpose 105 Rucksack

Marie and the bag lady . . .

3: Rise of the Cybercheckout Machines...!

I still believe they are out there . . .

4: Equestrian Shenanigans

The attempted over-throw of the Spiritual Guide . . .

And then you can't forget the other times, such as Father meeting the queen, that sweet little German Sausage, the mysteries of the Marie Celeste, Father's blogging, and many many more (136 to be precise). . .

Sitting here, looking back at all, I think I can safely say I've had a good run so far. May the blogging continue.

D. Ilott
Gridstop Ltd

Thursday, 25 February 2010

A Revelation In Whey Protein Powder . . .

Do you know, I've been working and doing near enough the same job for coming up to six years now, and throughout that time we have always sold bodybuilding supplements. You name it we do it, anything from fat burners to weight gainers. One of the most popular products we do is Whey Protein Powder.

When I first started, and for a huge portion of my employment here, I worked in dispatch. I used to send out hundreds of supplement orders and grew familiar with some of the brands and names, which of course, you would do. It's inevitable - but I never knew how they actually worked.

Yesterday I found out. I found myself doing some research in Whey Protein, and I discovered how it works and why body builders love it so much. Here's a brief little biological lesson for you:

When body builders workout, they're muscles are put through considerable stress. It takes time for these to repair themselves, strengthen and grow, and so sometimes they need a little help. Drinking whey protein shakes gives them the boost that they need. Instead of the shake sitting in your stomach waiting to be digested, it has quick release properties which means that it is absorbed into the bloodstream a hell of a lot quicker and goes straight to your muscles. The protein then feeds the cells with what it needs to speed up their repair, thus allowing them to strengthen and grow. Without enough protein, the body starts to seek energy elsewhere and looks straight towards your existing muscles, basically eating them away. You can workout as much as you possible can, but if you're trying to achieve those famous `Arnie` muscles, then you're going to have a tough job on your hands.

There you go. Obviously I discovered a lot more about whey protein, about their ingredients, amino acids, and the famous Casein Protein, but I'll save that for another day. I don't want to overload your brain with too much information too soon.

So watch our Arnie! We now know the secret to your muscles from Brussels . . .

D. Ilott
Gridstop Ltd

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Cybercheckout Reviews . . .

A little while back I posted a blog with a couple of customer reviews on it. (And to refresh your memory, the link for that original blog is below) Seeing as it's been a while since this was published - last summer - I thought it was about time I published some more.

It's good to get these reviews out. As employees who have put in a lot of hard work to get where we are today, it's reassuring to know that every thing we do, be it even the smallest of things, makes a difference to the quality of service we offer. It's good to know that our customers are happy, and we appreciate every comment made.

So a big thank you goes to everyone who has left a review.

Sabre Nutrition Whey Protein


Chillton Lite Weight Turnout Rug

"Best fitting rug the mare has ever had. Fantastic transaction in every way Thanx"

10,000 High Lux Lamp

"Super fast delivery, helpful emails. Would order from again. A* "

And finally, a personal favourite . . .

Acoustic Classic Guitar

"Fantastic Item!!! I bought it as a present for my boyfriend who will no doubt be over them moon with it! Perfect for learning how to play at an amazing price! I have to admit I was very dubious about what the quality would be like for such a good price, but was more than pleasantly surprised when it arrived (well packaged and extremely quickly) as it looks and sounds awesome!! Thank you very much Cybercheckout, think I am going to earn loads of girlfriend points with this item!!"

Incase anyone has forgotten, the 14th of this month is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year. Yes, it's Valentines day. For anyone out there struggling with ideas on how to express their love, I hope the comment above gives you a few hints on how to earn "Girlfriend" or "Boyfriend" points.

I hope he serenaded her with some lovely songs . . .

D. Ilott
Gridstop Ltd

Friday, 5 February 2010

The Big Cyber Move Continued . . .

Well, we're nearly there.

The office is looking like an office now, which creates a nice working environment - and as we all know, a nice working environment helps to produce a better quality of work. The files are on their shelves, the computers are set up, and the workers are at their desk - but . . .

There's always a 'but' . . .

We are still experiencing problems with our telephone lines and internet connection - and you can't exactly run an internet based company without the internet. That kinda goes without saying really.

We've had issues where the phones don't ring, then the wrong phones ring, followed by our answer machine message not switching on (which was put on to explain about our difficulties, etc). And then the internet is either on, off, or running incredibly slow . . .

It's been a hair-ripping-out time, but hopefully, fingers crossed, as this afternoon slowly draws on, things seem to be looking up. The right phones are ringing, allowing customers to finally get through to us, and the internet connection seems to be running at a reasonable speed, allowing us to finally get some work done.

Let's hope it remains so . . .

D. Ilott
Gridstop Ltd

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The Big Cyber Move . . .

Well, once again we have just moved office. If you have been trying to get hold of us, and have been unsuccessful, then we apologise. Our new phone lines are now up and running - although we still may be suffering from a few teething problems with the new system. All our contact details are now listed on our website.

You don't know, until you move, just how much stuff you accumulate over the years. We had numerous samples from our warehouse that we had been doing marketing work on, and these had just been left afterwards to gather dust. They were eventually supposed to be sent back to our warehouse, but their time for dispatch had failed to come round.

Instead, on the day of our move, we hired a big van, threw everything in the back and shipped them all in one go. But we were still left with untold amounts of cardboard boxes - where they come from we didn't know.

Moving can be a very stressful thing, but it gives you the opportunity to have a good clear out. However, despite what some people - or person in particular -said, the moving of an entire office could NOT be done in just four hours. Who ever thought it could? (naming no names) Shame on them. We moved in yesterday, and today we still spent most of the time sorting the new office out. (I even bought myself a little plant, a Primula, for my desk to make it feel a little more homely. We've called her Roseeta. Roseeta the office Primula. It goes lovely with my cactus.)

So, after forty-eight hours - NOT FOUR - we are finally beginning for feel like a proper office again. Services should be resuming as normal.

D. Ilott
Gridstop Ltd

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Chicken Coops For Those Chooks . . .

Trying to start 2010 afresh? Want to start living that healthier, greener lifestyle, but having troubles keeping up with those New Year Resolutions? (aren't we all . . .)

Well, here's one option.

Believe it or not, keeping chickens is a new up-and-coming craze that is becoming more and more popular with people as time goes on. The total number now keeping their own poultry has doubled since 2008, and is still on the rise. Many homes now have a flock of their own chickens running around their garden. For any animal lover, not only will these make interesting pets, but also aid towards that healthier lifestyle you promised yourself at the turn of the year. You will have an endless supply of fresh eggs that you know will be free range, and it will save you money having to go and buy them everytime you run out - not to mention the amount of fresh air you will gain.

However, looking after them chooks isn't just about letting them run free around your garden. It's also about providing them a good, safe home. Chicken coops are designed to do just that. They offer your hens a dry haven for the night, and a safe place for them to lay those eggs that you want. It also keeps them safe from predators such as foxes. Foxes are clever little critters, and the design of your coop needs to outsmart them. It needs to have taken in every conceivable situation in order to provide your chooks the protection that they need and are relying on you for.

Once you've passed that hurdle, your little chooks will be happy and content, and will be more than willing to provide you with the end result that you desire.

So, why not join the flock? There will never be a dull moment. Just don't tell my cat . . .

D. Ilott
Gridstop Ltd

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

20KG Weights Set . . .

They're here, they have arrived.

Despite the new products that have suddenly appeared on our website, I've chosen these 20kg weights to feature on our blog.

Why? I hear you ask . . . because they deserve to. That, and because I have a set sitting right beside me.

How great would it be to achieve your desired body without even leaving the comforts of your own home? How proud would you feel if you attained that perfect six-pack without the need of gym? Well, now you can find out.

These dumbbells are just what you need to start up your own gym at home. By owning a set you can exercise whenever you want, at a time that suits you, not your gym. For those of you who are self-conscious, you don't have to worry about exercising infront of people and fretting over what they think. You can have privacy to push yourself to your own limits without any competition.

Using dumbbell sets are a great form of exercising. They build your resistance and strength, whilst toning and conditioning your body - and boosting your metabolism. What more do you want? It's the perfect way to fight back at those `Christmas Pounds` and put you on the right road to achieving that perfectly toned body.

And my daily working consists of pushing them back and forth everyday . . . phew! Talk about working up a sweat.

D. Ilott
Gridstop Ltd

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A Brand New Year . . .

Welcome to 2010 and the start of a brand new decade . . .

We enter this year with big ideas and visions for the future. 2009 saw huge changes for us in every department, and sadly the loss of numerous members of staff, most recently being the wonderful Alison and our little Beci who has decided to restart her training as a nurse. We also saw some humorous times, including an eventful day out on a long boat for both office and warehouse staff, and a day in the sun trying to put up as many tents as we possibly could (and not forgetting the chance to take the michael out of our Drew at every given opportunity).

The changes also revolved around stock. We waved good bye to many lines, but in return greeted many new quality ones that have proven extremely popular with you, the customer. And it's not finished yet. New lines are constantly being looked at, and during the course of this year you will, no doubt, see them gracing our website . . . or at least hear me blogging about them.

Our horizons are broadening, and it wouldn't have been able to happen without the support from all our wonderful customers out there throughout 2009. We thank you all, and hope that 2010 will be just as eventful and just as prosperous.

2010 will be a year for optimistic success in every way . . . (and not to mention more random blogging by yours truly)

D. Ilott
Gridstop Ltd