Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Backpacking Tents . . . The Season Is Almost Upon Us . . .

The date is March 10th. This can only mean one thing - well actually it means lot's of things, but I'm only thinking of one. Spring. Spring is finally in the air. The days are getting longer, the temperature is rising, the trees are shooting and daffodils are showing their heads. It's paving the way for summer. This also means camping season is once again almost upon us.

"Horay!!" I hear you all scream.

Today, I'm going to blog about backpacking. I'm also going to mention the Ten Tor race that takes place in Dartmoor during early May. I only know about this because I have family who live down that way. I've never hiked across Dartmoor, but I've driven through it - or been driven to be more accurate. It's a lovely place if you like hills, wild ponies, and buzzards that circle over you waiting for an easy meal.

Every year the British Army organise a hike ranging from 35 miles to 55 miles. People from all over the world turn up to take part and visit the ten specified tors. Some people use it as a race to try and finish as quick as they can, while other people use it as a test of endurance and survival, or even just because they love doing it.

Either way, if you want to take part in something like this, you need to ensure you have the correct equipment. If you get lost on Dartmoor without proper equipment, it's not fun. The Ten Tor race has been held almost every year since 1960. Some years have had to be cancelled due to bad weather, which just goes to show what you could be up against if you go hiking. It also strengthens the argument that your equipment needs to be of a good quality that can withstand something like this.

It's at this point that I re-introduce you to our camping range. How many of you had forgotten about this range over the winter months? I certainly hadn't.

As the camping season approaches, and whether you decide to take part in the Ten Tor race, or the Four Inns Walk in the peak district - or any of the numerous hikes organised across the UK, ensure you won't be let down by shoddy camping equipment . . . and good luck.
Look out for those circling buzzards . . .

D. Ilott
Gridstop Lt

Monday, 8 March 2010

Cybercheckout - A Day In The Life Of . . .

Sarah's all on her own in customer services this week. Our dear old Marsha is on holiday, but despite the fact that this renders our customer services team short staffed, Sarah is more than capable of handling things on her own. Monday's are usually our busiest day of the week, with questions that have built up over the weekend, but was Sarah fazed? Not on your nelly!

She worked through today with flying colours, holding her head up high with a constant smile beaming on her face. This just goes to show what a valued and competent member of staff she is. But then the same can be said for everyone here. We all have our little areas of valued expertise. When put together they add to the moving cogs in the system we have going here and keeps things moving as smoothly and as nicely as they are now. If one cog is disrupted it creates havoc for another cog.

And talking of expertise, I'm so chuffed I have to share this. Ezine Articles, a website in which we submit articles, sent me a gift today in celebration of my level promotion. I now hold a platinum level, despite the fact that you only need to submit ten articles to attain this achievement. However, it still brought a smile to my face when I discovered a brand new mouse mat, a writing pad, a swish-swoo pen and . . . AND . . . a sticker that tells everybody I'm an EXPERT AUTHOR!

Expert author! Now I can go around and tell everyone. It's official! I am a genius! . . . But don't panic. I'll wake up soon enough.

D. Ilott
Gridstop Ltd

Friday, 5 March 2010

Cybercheckout Blogs Past And Present . . .

I confess, I've neglected my blogging duties. For this I apologise profusely. I've let you all down.

There are two main reasons why I can see this has happened. Firstly, I've been too busy. I get given a list of things that need to be done - or written - and I find myself plowing through that list without even a thought for this blog (I'm sorry, I hold my head in shame). And because it's been going on for sometime I've just found myself stuck in a routine that doesn't include blogging. I know, it's a terrible thing to let happen to yourself. I used to blog religiously, three times every week. Now I'm lucky if I do one or two a month. It just isn't on, is it!!

The second reason is because, frankly, I have little to blog about. My mind can only churn out so much stuff. It's only human. So why, if I can't think of anything, did I choose to blog today? Well, I've written over a hundred and thirty blogs now, and some of them I thought were pretty good. It's a shame that they are now lying somewhere in the great wide web, their one day of fame come and gone. I've decided to give them a second chance. I've decided to recap over a few of my favourite blogs from the past:

1: The Greek Legend of Hotstones . . .

How could we forget the great (or not so great) Iydalnis Basalt, the serpant Medusa, and the legendary discovery of Hotstones? (Of which we no longer stock unfortunately) . . .

2: Multi-Purpose 105 Rucksack

Marie and the bag lady . . .

3: Rise of the Cybercheckout Machines...!

I still believe they are out there . . .

4: Equestrian Shenanigans

The attempted over-throw of the Spiritual Guide . . .

And then you can't forget the other times, such as Father meeting the queen, that sweet little German Sausage, the mysteries of the Marie Celeste, Father's blogging, and many many more (136 to be precise). . .

Sitting here, looking back at all, I think I can safely say I've had a good run so far. May the blogging continue.

D. Ilott
Gridstop Ltd