Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Onwards and Upwards


If you're a regular reader of this blog, then you may be aware that we've been getting our clipboards out and doing a lot of marketing work just recently. We've had team building days, re-familiarising ourselves with our tents; we've had road trips to our main warehouse to re-photo products for our website; we're redesigning things etc. And they've even got me blogging! It's been a busy and fun couple of months, and the end isn't in sight yet.

But what actually attracts you to an ad? Say, for instance, you're looking for a chocolate fountain (blog below, just had to point out). Out of all the products you see, what stands out the most in your eye? What screams to you 'Buy Me!'?

Firstly - and I'm just speculating here - if you're buying online you need to be reassured that you're not going to be ripped off. You need to feel secure. Then, maybe it's all to do with the images provided and the description. Maybe, subconsciously, if you think the layout of the ad looks attractive, it makes the product more appealing. (That's actually what I do with my blog. If I add pretty pictures, it makes the piece look less boring. Whether it actually works though is another thing.) The same could be said with the description.

So what if we go just that one step further and add video clips with our products? (I've mentioned our video work before.) We have a very talented team on board here at the world of Cybercheckout (all hail Kieron), and as we speak, they're working on a couple of videos now. We already have one for our memory foam products, but this is something that still needs working on. Video advertising is all new to us, and every step we take is a learning curve.

This also gives you a chance to learn more about us as people rather than a business, maybe giving you more reassurance of who we are. And it gives you a chance to finally see our Spiritual Guide. Yes, he's the one who provides us with Monster Munch on team building days, and whose memory foam bed I've been on (marketing purposes, purely marketing purposes). At the moment, he is the only one willing enough to stand in front of the camera and jabber on about our products.

And so, what I'm curious about is whether these video clips will make our ad more attractive to your eye. Will they make it scream out to you saying `Buy Me!'? (Not literally, I hope) Or will the mere sight of our `Spiritual Guide` just scare you away?

Please post suggestions to . . . .

Onwards and Upwards, and all that malarkey. . .

D. Ilott
Cybercheckout Ltd

Monday, 27 April 2009

Games Table

Well, that's it! A week's worth of nice weather and it's over. Summer has been and gone! It's raining here and looks like it's set for . . . god knows how long. Knowing how the British weather likes to work, who knows when we'll get another nice day.

Seeing as that's the case, there's not a lot of people who would want to go out and do things. That means that come school holidays there will be a lot of bored children out there, cooped up in the warm and dry. What are they going to do? They can't play on the computer all day. They'll end up with glasses, like me.

But wait! I have an idea!

You can always invest in a 'games table', and what better games table to have than our 3 in 1 table. It's perfect! You get three games for the price of one. You get Snooker/Pool, Football, and Air Hockey! (Yes, Air-Hockey. My all-time favourite!) It's simple. When you get bored of playing one game, or if you're a bad looser and don't want to play it anymore, you can just flip the table round for another game. It takes away the hassle in wanting more than one games table, but not having the space to fit them all. Ingenious!!!

However, I do have to point one thing out about our image on the website. Since these photos were taken, the manufacturer has changed the design of the frame. They've made it a lot better and sturdier, but we've yet to update them - probably because we've been too busy putting up tents. It's on our list of things to do - and very soon I hope. I can't wait to have a go at the Air-Hockey. Once I start, they won't be able to keep me off. They'll have to drag me away and then tie me to chair, banning me completely from this marketing project. I do tend to become a bit violent when I play, accidentally hitting pucks across the room, etc.

But hey, it's all good fun, and on those wet and miserable days, it'll keep your kids - and adults alike - entertained for hours.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Team Building....Tents

Well, it's Friday once again, and you know what that means, don't you! It's Blog Day (bet you thought I was going to mention the Weekend...) This week has been far from normal for us here at the world of Cybercheckout. We had a Team Building day. It started on Tuesday, and will be forever in our minds. You could say we've been scarred.

Those of us who were included got taken down to a local park and we spent the day....putting up tents. Again, it was all for marketing purposes. We had a selection of tents that we needed to build and take photos of for our website. We worked in teams, a few building them, a few tarting them up (ie, pegging down, putting in bedrooms, and attaching guy ropes) and a few taking photos and filming. It was very...eventful.

Like I've done before, I could use this entire blog to talk about one particular tent, but that would be pointless in a way. We have a wide range, and it's not really going to be any use to you unless you are after the specific tent I choose I write about. Instead, I'm going to talk about them as a whole.

We have lots; dome tents, pop-up tents, tunnel tents, Tipees, 2 berth, 4 berth, all the way to 12 berth. It just all depends on your needs and how many people it is to house. Camping can be such a fun time, and with the summer well on its way now, it's the perfect time to start preparing.

And don't be daunted by the thought of putting one up! If our team can do it, you can do it. I don't particularly harbour that much knowledge of tents and how they go up, but I managed, and that's saying something, believe me. I even managed to take one down and pack it away perfectly by myself. I was rather impressed.

The day on a whole though was good. The weather was lovely - some of us suffered later - and our `Spiritual Guide` treated us to refreshments and Monster Munch. What more could we ask for? The innuendos were flying in thick and fast (most of which I got blamed for - can't quite understand why) and a laugh was generally had all round, until we got tired.

Soon, our tents will be accompanied by better images and video recordings on our website, proving how easy they are to 'erect' (sorry, had to slip that one in....oops), and if you're contemplating a camping holiday this summer, then check our website out. You can never plan too early.

D. Ilott
Cybercheckout ltd

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate. We all love chocolate, especially us women. There's no denying it. I, for one, can't leave a chocolate bar sitting in the fridge. It looks too lonely and sad, and I always think it needs some tender loving care - by that I mean devouring it. It's the merciful thing to do.

Now, I know it can never happen, but what if you have too much chocolate in your fridge? What if you still have all those Easter eggs that need eating but not enough time to do it in? Do you know what you can do?

Buy a Chocolate Fountain!

Imagine all the fun you can have with one of these. You could invite friends round and dip things into the gorgeous, heavenly flow of chocolate - like biscuits (I only suggest this because I'm sitting here right now dunking biscuits into my tea and wishing it was a chocolate fountain instead).

And, I'm sure most of you have seen the famous episode of `the Vicar of Dibley` where Dawn French submerges her entire head into the fountain. It's her idea of bliss and heaven, along with most of the women in the UK . . . well, you can't do that, I'm afraid. Sorry. Our fountains are just too small. But there's nothing stopping you from trying, and just think of the entertainment you'll provide as others watch you.

Seriously though, Chocolate Fountains are the new craze, and they're perfect for functions such as weddings, birthdays, and any other function you need to cater for. It'll be the centrepiece of any spread, and any chocoholic would instantly make a bee-line in this direction.

Here's a few ideas of what you can dunk:
* Fruit, ie, strawberries, bananas, orange segments.
* Biscuits (yes, I'm still dunking mine in tea)
* Marshmallows
* Fudge
* Profiteroles
* mini doughnuts

The list is endless, and I have to stop now before I start drooling over my desk. Not a nice thing.

Consider one for your next function. It'll never fail to entertain guests. But please think carefully before you try and take a swim in it.

D. Ilott
Cybercheckout Ltd

Monday, 20 April 2009

Memory Foam Moments

Okay, I have a confession. I'm not proud, but I'm not ashamed, either. Think of me as you will, but remember, at the end of the day it was purely professional.

I've been on my boss's bed and I liked it!

Read into this as you will, but before you place me before judgement, please allow me to explain.

We have, not long arrived in our warehouse, our brand new Memory Foam range, Temptation Bedding. This includes our fantastic molded pillows, small and large; Memory Foam Mattress Toppers, double and king; and soon to be listed, Memory Foam Mattresses themselves.

Let me enlighten you, quickly. Memory Foam has many properties that make it far better than your standard bedding. As you lay on it, it moulds around your body, providing you proper support as you sleep, and allowing circulation to still flow - as opposed to waking up with a dead leg or a dead arm. It has anti-allergy properties, and it never forgets its original shape. No more fluffing up of your pillows, or flipping your mattress. It simply springs back into place as soon as you get up.

Now, back to my explanation. We were working on the marketing for Temptation Bedding, and it just so happens that my boss - or spiritual guide as he likes to refer to himself - has one of our mattresses. So off we trundled to his place with camera in tow (Am I digging this hole deeper?)

Of course I had to lay on his bed and try it out. I had to see what lying on Memory Foam was like compared to a normal, lumpy mattress, and, boy, was I impressed. I could have stayed there for longer, maybe spent the rest of my working day just lying there, and I would have loved to express just how comfortable I felt. My back was supported properly - which makes a big difference - and my neck and shoulders were at a perfect angle with the aid of his memory foam pillow. It was wonderful and everything you needed for a good night's sleep.

One thing put me off though. It was still my boss's bed, and no words can describe just how awkward I truly felt.

I'd like to ask for your forgiveness in this matter, and maybe, if you have a look for yourselves, you'll be able to understand a lot better why I just had to do it and why I liked it.**FREE%20UK%20DELIVERY20**FREE%20UK%20DELIVERY**

D. Ilott
Cybercheckout ltd

Friday, 17 April 2009

6ft foldable trestle table

Last Christmas it was our turn to cook the dinner for the family. As with every Christmas we had to go over-board with food. It's an inevitable thing - you can't escape it. There was lots of turkey, lots of vegetables, roasties (potatoes - a favourite in our household), yorkshire puddings, and then the usual crackers, and the numerous bottles of wine that we consumed. But cooking and preparing all this wasn't the problem.

The problem was seating everyone.

So I purchased one of our 6ft foldable trestle tables - and what a god-send it was. There were six adults to seat that day, plus two children, and would you believe we all fitted around that table comfortably (until everyone had eaten, and trouser buttons had to be un-fastened, that was). And there was still room for the turkey.

These trestle tables are great for any household. They're suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so they can also aid you with those summer BBQ's, and when you've finished with them you can simply fold them away and store. (Mine has got prime-position under the bed).

But if you don't hold dinner parties that require more seating room, you can use your table for anything you want. They're fantastic if you hold carboots. They have a handle and are light in weight making transportation a doddle. Or whatever you need a trestle table for, this product is perfect.

I'm talking about the 6ft table at the moment, but if that is too large for you, we also sell them in smaller sizes - and some even come with benches. That's your seating problems solved.**%20FREE%20P%26P%2020Table%20/%20Trestle%20Table%20/%206ft%20DIY%20Table%20**%20FREE%20P%26P%20**

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Pole Dancing Kit

A lot of people out there have a very stereotypical view on Pole Dancing. It's lustful, shameful, and degrading. And yes, when ever someone mentions pole dancing, people are instantly filled with images of raunchy, exotic clubs. There's a bad reputation attached to this.

But have those people ever considered the exercise value of it?

Pole Dancing is a fantastic way to keep fit. It helps to tone and shape the body, increases flexibility, and strengthens and tightens the tummy, back and posterior. But the most important part is the aerobic cardio strengthening.

With obesity problems quickly spreading across the globe, it brings with it the huge risk of heart disease and respiratory problems. Looking after yourself has never been more important. Pole dancing can provide a full body workout and a cardio workout that can reduce the risk of heart disease.

And, I have to admit, it's fun - a lot of fun.

Fun is something that most exercise is missing. Many people find it a chore that needs to be done, but with the pole, the fun is endless - and, if you really desire, you can keep its reputation alive and entertain people at the same time.
Why not? It's all for the cause of keeping fit...

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Our fantastic 15KG dumbell set

Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to have been set free from the office. A group of colleagues and myself had a road-trip up to our warehouse in Leicester to view a few of our products for marketing purposes, and for the very first time, would you believe, I saw our 15kg dumbell sets.

I was gobsmacked. This is such a fantastic product, and so I just had to dedicate an entire blogg to them.

The quality of this product is astounding. There are twelve individual weights in this set. There are eight 1.14kg weights, and four 0.57kg weights. All of these are polished chrome iron plates, and are threaded onto the ends of a chrome steel dumbell bar. (This in turn has a plastic coated hand grip.) You can also put on as few or as many weights as your prefernce desires - or your stength allows. It also comes complete with it's own carry case, allowing each part to be safely packed away and stored.

When set up it looks very proffessional, and a worthy piece of exercise equipment to own. If you're into weights for building resistance and strength, then this product is perfect for you. If you're just looking for ideas as to how to tone and condition your body in the privacy of your own home, then again this product is perfect for you.

It may even be perfect for me. I'm deffinately considering purchasing my very own set.

Take a nose and see if you are as impressed as I was:**%20FREE%20P%26P%20**

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Fantastic airbeds for those fantastic camping trips

Uncomfortable camping trips are a thing of the past with these great airbeds!

Well, the sun's out - or was - leaves are appearing on the trees and best of all, it's getting warmer. Spring is finally here, which means summer is well on it's way.

And that means it's camping season!

It's time to start pulling your tent out from storage - or if you don't have one, try looking at our huge range on our website - and start thinking about what accessories you need to have to make your camping trip a comfortable and memorable one.

One thing you do need is a decent airbed. Years ago camping used to be about roughing it, experiencing the wilds and becoming one with nature. But the nights were uncomfortable. The floor was hard, and the camping mats that you were lucky to have didn't really provide that much comfort.

With airbeds you can be comfortable and be roughing it at the same time in your tent. When deflated they can be rolled up and transported easily and with out taking up much room at all. It means you can spend longer on your camping trips and not become home-sick for your own bed. You can camp in luxury.

One of our more popular airbeds is our Intex 2 in 1 Double Airbed.**%20FREE%20P%26P%20**

It allows you to either have one queen size bed that is double stacked for sure comfort every night, or you can seperate them and have two queen size beds that are single stacked. Now that's handy. Even if you're not camping but have guests staying round, this is completely ideal for them. Or even if your staying somewhere, you can take your own bed with you.

You'll never have to rough it again if you own an airbed like this.

Monday, 6 April 2009

New Bamboo Towels

Once you wrap yourself in one of our bamboo towels, you’ll never want to unwrap!

`All this advertising for a mere towel`, I hear you say. Well it's worth it, I reply.

Have you ever experienced the luxury softness of bamboo fibre? If you haven't, then you don't know what you're missing. Bamboo fibre is basically fabricated from the pulp of bamboo plants. It is luxuriously soft, comfortable, cosy, and the best part about them is they're `Eco-Friendly!`

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world with a growth rate of up to 60cm a day. It is an extremely versatile and sustainable material, and is used for a wide range of things. It is used in the construction industry for the likes of scaffolding, for furniture, paper, and even medicines.

And it makes great towels.

Want to know why?

Bamboo fabric absorbs 1.5 times more water than conventional cotton, and is famous for anti-bacterial, anti-allergy and anti-fungal properties. (The latter should prove popular for those who accidentally leave wet towels in bags. They shouldn't go mouldy). And they are so warm and soft. Once you try it, you'll never want to go back to conventional toweling.

And to back me up, you only have to ask my colleague who, when our samples originally come in, wrapped herself up so tight and refused to come out until we promised to order her one in. Now that has to say something about their quality!
Take a look...

Bamboo towel Set**%20FREE%20P%26P%20**

· Bamboo towel set
· Consists of 1x hand towel, 1x bath towel
· 60% bamboo, 40% cotton
· Softer than cotton
· 1.5 times more absorbent than cotton
· Contains anti-bacterial, anti-allergy, anti-fungal properties
· Eco-friendly
· Colour: Cream
· Sustainable

Friday, 3 April 2009

Introduction to our new Kitchenware Range!

Go on! Cook up a masterpiece!

It’s hard to paint a masterpiece when your brushes are old and loosing their bristles. It’s difficult to sew a perfect stitch when your needles are blunt. Therefore it’s not always easy to cook a perfect meal when your kitchen ware is old and of poor quality. With these things working against you, the end result isn’t always easy to reach and is often displeasing.

This is so true, and there are many people out there who don't realise it. How many of you have a "good ol` faithful` pot or pan that you have had for years? You can cook anything in it, and won't part with it. It's the security you like, the knowing that what ever you cook up, the results will be the same. But how do you know you won't get that same result with a new pot or pan?

Some people just don't want to take that leap, but I can assure you that with our new kitchenware range that leap isn't that scary. In fact it's pretty easy, and all you have to do to begin with is visit our link below and have a look at our new fantastic range.

It's not hard and it's certainly not scary.

This range is designed with safety and practicality in mind. How many of you have heard of Bakelite? This is the black plastic coating on the handles, and was the first plastic made from synthetic components. It is famous for it's nonconductive and heat resistant properties, and is a favourite material used in the world of cookware. So when the pan heats up, the handle will remain cool, allowing you to lift it and work with it without the risk of burning your hand.

And for those who don't have Bakelite and Silicon fittings, the special design of the handles will have the same effect.

And what's more, this range is:

  • Dishwasher proof

  • Comes with a life time guarentee on all stainless steel meterial

  • Comes with a one year guarentee on Non-Stick surfaces - and

  • Offers Free Postage and Packaging (*Excludes Postcodes: PH19-PH44, IV, KW, PA20-PA88 and KA27 & KA28 )

So, go on. Whether you're looking for a new, chic designed cookware set, or you are just toying with the idea of having something new, but are dubious with parting with your `good ol` faithful`, just visit our site and have a look.

You'd be amazed.