Monday, 10 May 2010

Cybercheckout and the Curse of the Chocolate Cake . . .

We had a minute's silence today. All work stopped; we sat at our computers; our eyes flicked over the work on the monitors in front of us, but no work was done. Nothing.


Sarah brought in Chocolate Fudge Cake. A slice had to be devoured.

A valuable minute was lost by all. We now sit here and think back to what we could have achieved if only we had worked through that one minute. Our new website could have been closer to it's finish; Lisa could have completed her fiddly equestrian work; Keiron could have finished that banner; Drew could have started another email; I could have written another article . . .

Bah! Who am I kidding. IT WAS CHOCOLATE CAKE!

Chocolate fuels the brain. Without it, we can't possible churn out the quality work that we do, and our customer service would suffer dramatically because of it. Chocolate deficiency is a serious matter that needs to be considered in this modern world. People just don't realise this. They think it's a fallacy. But it's twoo, I tell ya! TWOO!!!

Now you can understand why I've decided to title this blog `the Curse of the Chocolate Cake . . .` Am I talking rubbish? Maybe. Does the chocolate induce `running mouth syndrome?` Yes, quite possibly. But it was good, and thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you, Sarah.

If you fancy making your own chocolate cake, to discover the the glorious benefits that it can bring, then check out our fantastic kitchenware range that can help you along the way. (Had to slip in an advert somewhere along the line).

In the mean time, I'm off to have more cake . . . ;D

D. Ilott
Gridstop Ltd

Thursday, 6 May 2010

New Website . . .

Hello fellow readers. It's been a while, I know. We've been so busy just recently, and our poor blog has suffered as a consequence. Bless it's little cotton socks.

Anyway, down to business.

For all those who have visited our website just recently, you may have noticed one or two changes. In fact, there are more than just one or two changes . . . it's a whole new website. Yes, we are evolving.

I ask all visitors to please bear with us during these changes. The website is new, and there are still a few adjustments to be made. It's also a system that we, ourselves, are trying to get used to. Hopefully these won't take long, and soon we'll have a fantastic and perfectly working website that should please everyone. That's the aim, anyway.

I'd like to say that apart from that, nothing much has happened since the last blog, but that would be a lie. We have new products, new jewellery boxes to charm your socks off, picnic hampers to help you picnic in style, TV brackets to mount your TV on the wall, and more. We also have our original products, our Redstone Outdoor camping tents, our Equestrian range and much much more. We are still the same, good ol'faithful Cybercheckout. And that includes the staff.

Our Sarah is still a proud mum, our Marie is still playing with her over-playful puppy (did I mention she has a new husky pup called Mya?), Rob is still having elastic bands flicked at him - by your's truly - and both Father and Drew are livid over the Man City game last night, in which they lost (although Drew claims that he's not that bothered . . . do we believe him? Hmmm . . .)

D. Ilott
Gridstop Ltd

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Camping Rucksack – Want To Get The Most Out Of Yours?

A camping rucksack needs to be so much more than just a normal rucksack. With everything you need stowed inside, a camping rucksack should be designed to make your life easier.

Whether it is the strapping system for comfort and support as you travel, or the amount of room inside and extra compartments, everything has been designed so that you can get the most out of your rucksack.

Camping rucksacks come in different sizes and are usually measured by the amount of litres it can store. To get the most out of your rucksack, you need to ensure that it can contain all the gear that you need to take with you efficiently. If you’re carrying a tent, can you fit this inside, or attach it to the outside of your rucksack?

A good camping rucksack should consider that there may be items you need to take but want to keep separate from what you are carrying inside. Therefore, it should provide loops and attachments so that you can attach things to the outside of your rucksack. A pair of muddy boots is always best kept hanging separately on the back of your rucksack, as well as items such as your tent, sleeping gear if need be, and other bits that you can’t fit inside.

Another feature that can make your life easier is access from the bottom. It would be irritating if you jam-pack your rucksack, squeezing everything in, and then you realise you need something that is stuck right at the bottom. It means you would have to unpack everything, take it all out until you retrieve it, and then pack everything back up again. Some rucksacks offer access into your rucksack from the bottom as well as the top. This allows you easy access to anything that is wedged in at the bottom without having to unpack.

Extra compartments on the sides are also handy for those little fiddly bits that you prefer to keep separate, or things that can get lost within the main compartment of the rucksack. It also allows you easy access to items that you need, such as money, passport, etc. It saves digging through your belongings trying to find them.

By choosing a camping rucksack that offers you different, beneficial features, allows you to get the most out of your rucksack, and therefore making your life so much easier as you travel, camp and hike.

D. Ilott
Gridstop Ltd