Monday, 14 June 2010

Lightweight Turnout Rug Moments . . .

Our dearest Equestrian leader wrote her recent blog on our new equestrian range, with all things equestrian, saddlery and rugs (to quote). As with all new products we get in, we have to spend a day doing photo shoots so we can then put them up on our website. This is were Lisa's Will galloped in to help. What a star he is.

Lisa also posted some of Will's fantastic photos on her blog, but neglected many. And I don't blame her. Some of these photos give evidence to the fact that her horse is no ordinary horse. The famous quote from `Banana man` springs into mind: "When Eric eats a banana . . ." - only this time it's: "When Will puts on his rug . . ."

They knew the day wasn't going to go strictly to plan when Will decided to show his new strengths by standing, then slowly and gently removing each leg in turn until he was balancing himself on one leg. Such strength.

He then decided to show his fantastic hovering skills by hovering himself all around his field. He was dead chuffed with himself, until . . .

. . . towards the end things started to go wrong for him. Gone was his graceful hovering as he tripped (on what exactly is still unknown).

Then afterwards, as if to add insult to his injured pride, he was then caught trying to hover again in a different rug, but all he could manage was using his tail as a propeller to propel himself along.

These are the photos that they didn't want you to know about. But don't let these pictures fool you! Don't be duped into thinking that if your horse dons a new lightweight turnout rug they'll end up hovering all around your field. Will is a special horse . . . and this only happens "When Will eats a Banana . . ."

D. Ilott
Gridstop Ltd

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